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  • 21 Aug

    Always a Good Time for Rosé

    Napa Valley Register

    When spring and summer approach, we read many articles extolling the greatness of dry rosé and its compatibility with these warmer seasons. Now that summer is winding down, many of us “automatically” begin looking to the more robust wines we’ve become accustomed to for the cooler months ahead. But one thing I’ve learned is not to abandon my love of dry rosé regardless of the temperature outside.
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    20 Aug

    Let's Talk Wine: The Perfect Summer Color

    Picture yourself dining on waterfront decks or relaxing at a porch party. On a warm summer day nothing is more satisfying than a well-chilled rosé.
    The French have been enjoying rosé for centuries. In Provence, the home of Rosé, you will find a bottle on every table during the summer.
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    12 Aug

    Global Rosé Masters 2015: The Results

    The Drinks Business

    Provence proved that its dominance of the rosé category is not to be underrated in this year’s Rosé Masters. However, the competition still managed to throw up some pleasantly surprising entries from elsewhere.
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  • 12 Aug

    Summertime Rosés, and Food Pairings

    The region of Provence in southern France should immediately come to mind, when thinking roses. Here, food and wine matches are made in heaven. And to be more specific still, the ancient town of Aix in the heart of Provence produces the best of the best, but I'll get to that in a minute.
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    16 Jul

    Pink Wine

    Inside New Jersey

    Pink Wine - aka rosé - is pretty much an afterthought in most wine regions around the globe. Among the world's major wine regions, only one casts rosé in a starring role, not as an extra: Provence
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    01 Jul

    The Beautiful World of Provence Rosé

    Wine Geographic

    Everyone knows that you can get great wine in France, with regions like Burgundy and Champagne getting frequent and unflaggingly positive reviews in and on just about every website, wine publication, and food blog from here to eternity, but even this Burgundy devotee knows that there is magic elsewhere in this grape-riddled nation. In particular, we’re talking about a little area in southeast France called Provence, home to the ever-delicious, ever-refreshing, ever-underrated Provence rosé.
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